Troy Baker: Gaming’s Most Recognizable Voice Is Only Getting Started

A great in-depth piece on Baker, by Megan Farokhmanesh, in Polygon:

Baker says his process is to not have a process when it comes to acting. As soon as he starts to think about it too much, he’s doing a disservice to the character.

“A really great director told me one time, ‘That moment that you’re about to go into exists there,” Baker says. “‘It doesn’t exist anywhere else. It doesn’t exist in the parking lot, or in your car as you’re driving to set. It doesn’t exist in makeup or hair. It doesn’t exist over by craft services. It exists at that exact moment.’

“When you are trying to be in the moment, and you’re walking around the stage or the set and you’re thinking about how your character feels about this moment and everything, you come in so full of your own shit that you’re not open to anything that’s actually happening in the scene. Because you’re expecting your other actors to respond the same way that you are.”