Trinity (Infocom game)

Jimmy Maher’s lengthy dissertation on one of the great text adventure games:

One of the most noteworthy things about Trinity, by contrast, is that it is — whatever else it is — a beautifully crafted traditional text adventure, full of intricate puzzles to die for, exactly the sort of game for which Infocom is renowned and which they did better than anyone else. If A Mind Forever Voyaging is a fascinating might-have-been, a tangent down which Infocom would never venture again, Trinity feels like a culmination of everything the 18 games not named A Mind Forever Voyaging that preceded it had been building toward. Or, put another way, if A Mind Forever Voyaging represents the adventuring avant garde, a bold if problematic new direction, Trinity is a work of classicist art, a perfectly controlled, mature application of established techniques.

Maher’s Digital Antiquarian site looks like one to keep your eye on if you’re a fan of classic computer games. Oh, and if you never had a chance to play Trinity in the 80s, you could always dive in now.