Brain-to-brain interfaces: the science of telepathy

Kristyn Bates, for The Conversation:

The latest advance in human BBIs represents another leap forward. This is where transmission of conscious thought was achieved between two human beings in August last year.

Using a combination of technologies – including EEG, the Internet and TMS – the team of researchers was able to transmit a thought all the way from India to France.

Words were first coded into binary notation (i.e. 1 = “hola”; 0 = “ciao”). Then the resulting EEG signal from the person thinking the 1 or the 0 was transmitted to a robot-driven TMS device positioned over the visual cortex of the receiver’s brain.

The upcoming Apple Watch features something they’ve dubbed “Digital Touch.” Says Apple:

Let friends or loved ones know you’re thinking of them with silent, gentle tap patterns they’ll feel on the wrist.

To me these two concepts feel like advancements along the same continuum.