Before Firewatch Was a 3D World, It Was a Painting

Dave Tach, for Polygon:

A single painting by Olly Moss, an artist perhaps most famous for his gorgeous Star Wars trilogy posters, set the visual tone that you can see above. An FAQ on the budding developer’s official site revealed that former Double Fine Productions environmental artist Jane Ng was also at work on Firewatch.

At a 2015 Game Developers Conference session, Ng took the stage to chronicle her work on a game that she’s still building. It’s the story of constructing a fully 3D world for a “narrative exploration game,” as she calls it. But before she could build anything, Ng had to study Moss’ painting.

I loved those Olly Moss concept posters, but I think it’s especially cool that they helped to inspire the look of this game. I can’t wait to dive in.