Italian explorer Alex Bellini to live in iceberg-borne survival capsule for a year

Ben Yeager, for Outside Online:

Bellini spent two years searching for the appropriate survival capsule, but most were too heavy to plant on a berg. But then, in October, he contacted aeronautical engineer Julian Sharpe, founder of Survival Capsule, a company that makes lightweight, indestructible floating capsules, or “personal safety systems.

They can hold from two to ten people, depending on the model, and are made from aircraft-grade aluminum in what’s called a continuous monocoque structure, an interlocking frame of aluminum spars that evenly distribute force, underneath a brightly painted and highly visible aluminum shell. The inner frame can be stationary or mounted on roller balls so it rotates, allowing the passengers to remain upright at all times.

For Bellini, I get the impression that this is a stunt and an art project — he’s hired Italian designer Pietro Santoro to customize the pod — as much as it’s about research. A story with an isolation aspect always appeals to me. But it will be interesting to see what we might glean from the project. I hope he goes through with it.