Interview: Lola VFX team discusses digital makeup

fxguide’s interviews are technical and in-depth, and this one’s no different. This time out, Mike Seymour visited Lola VFX to interview several members of their team to discuss, among other things, their fine facial work on films such as Benjamin Button, The Social Network, and the Captain America movies.

But I have to say, one of my favorite parts is this aside:

Edson Williams: We do “repair” on actors who have had plastic surgery. They’ll come in with too much botox, for instance, and there’s no movement in their brows. So, there’s been a few projects where we’ve actually had to animate the brow to mimic the performance they should be giving. That’s happened on a few different projects.

Seymour: It’s interesting, isn’t it? A real face not looking real.

Too funny.