Singing can help people to bond

“The difference between the singers and the non-singers appeared right at the start of the study. In the first month, people in the singing classes became much closer to each other over the course of a single class than those in the other classes did. Singing broke the ice better than the other activities, getting the group together faster by giving a boost to how close classmates felt towards each other right at the start of the course.

“In the longer term, it appears that all group activities bring people together similar amounts. In non-singing classes ties strengthened as people talked to each other either during lessons or during breaks. But this is the first clear evidence that singing is a powerful means of bonding a whole group simultaneously.”

Here’s something that occurs to me: during casual music play, I’ve never listened to lyrics. The songs I’ve listened to with English lyrics, I treat the singing as a kind of instrument, and I might not be able to tell you what the words are. Don’t know why. What I do know is that I prefer foreign vocals to English ones, because words that I can understand create a kind of noise that interferes with the sound shapes.

Not sure if that’s more related to synesthesia or misanthropy.